How to Be an Interior Designer in Nigeria Part-2

Interior Designer in Nigeria
How to Be an Interior Designer in Nigeria
May 17, 2019
June 27, 2019
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Ok! let me take a seat back and get your attention to order this is not the time to remember that you missed the last episode of games of thrones

Just a few seconds is al I need and this will get you a lifetime marketing strategy. Okay lets go … The best marketing tool is the mouth that you can use to market or tell people about what to do , over time we have come to conclusion that referrals are the best tool you can get for marketing but do not worry I will talk more about it . Now that I have your attention, you have to understand the market, which is what we have explained earlier but if you do not get it you can read (HOW TO BE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER IN NIGERIA). Whew! I get it it becoming boring. ? lol

Section your market to the average age of people who your target audience are, their age range, their influencers, what and what they do and what time of the year will they need your service.

I will give you a very good analogy below: As an interior designer in Nigeria my major customers are within the age range of 25-70years both male and female, they spend 70% of their time on the phone and in the office and the 30% left at home, religious homes and institutions (children’s school).

Obviously, we cannot be going to offices and shouting I want to render my service to you I am an interior designer …Trust me you will be arrested and tested by a psychiatric doctor. Funny right. Every business as its good and bad season when the rain comes interior and construction business nose-dives and when the dry weather/ harmattan shows up and we are close to Christmas and any festival period sales increases.

Easy way to get to them is print good flyers of pictures of jobs done of internet pictures and share at eateries, event centers, religious institutions. I can see your mind how will be walking around in the sun. We have professionals that do that for a good price (ask around, GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND

However, you can also go around with it an seize every opportunity you can get to tell anyone about what you do.TO your major tool SOCIAL MEDIA

Update your page regularly at the comfort of your home or office and make sure it as good contents.

Have a good record keeping or an excel sheet of Enquiries made by customers.

s/no Name and location How he/she got to know about you Product/services Stage of service
1 Mr Ajanekoko, Ajah.Lagos Saw article on Facebook Wants office renovation Going for measurement on site

Did you just asked yourself why this chat? This will help you measure the market and know where you should put 60% of your marketing strength

“Just like a gold smith that hits a rough iron continuously, he wants to get result of it”.

With all this you are doing that we mentioned above is as if you are filing a funnel

The above pictures says it all and there you go you have a database of customers. Before let you be I will give you a good illustration picture.

We believe you can actually get a good start with the free marketing tools we discussed above. Send us a mail if you have any questions or need clarifications.


Now we are sure you must be confident to give yourself a push. We will say little about sales. Do you know that sales men are one of the richest people in the world? Bill gate he knows is product so well that he must be the one to tell the world about the product when they have any new product or device.

You have to be optimistic at all times, never give up on any client and listen carefully to every customer. They all have a problem and you are the solution provider.

If you can master this skills am sure you will excel but wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to tell you this.

Customers can be annoying and wants to transfer their frustration on you.


We wish you luck!!!

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