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July 15, 2019
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Most cases (around 80%) are mild, and people will recover fully, with no long-term eects. Some cases are more severe, and people may need specialist, intensive medical help. A small proportion (is currently less than 4%) of cases are fatal, and this is very ignorantly more likely to be the case for those who are older than 70 years, and / or have underlying health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or a pre-existing respiratory condition. Most people will show symptoms of the disease after around 5 days, but they may take 14 days to appear


Most cases of transmission are from one person to another. As with colds and ‑u, when a person coughs or sneezes, droplets containing the virus are expelled into the air. If you are close to someone who has had the disease (de­ned as within 6 feet / 2 meters and for at least 15 minutes), you are at risk of becoming infected.

Some cases of transmission also occur when droplets fall on a surface which is then touched by a person. If that person then touches their face, the infection can enter the body through your mouth, nose and eyes. It is thought the virus could remain ‘active’ on surfaces for up to 3 days, but this will vary depending on temperature and the type of surface, exposure to sunlight and other factors.


– Frequently wash your hands, scrubbing vigorously all over for at least 20 seconds. Use soap and hot water if available. If not, use hand sanitizer.

 – Avoid touching your face.

 – Do not shake hands.

– Keep your distance from those known / suspected to have the disease or those who are showing symptoms.

– Do not touch surfaces that may be contaminated with droplets.

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